Midlothian Marching

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The Midlothian marching competition is held in the Midlothian Multipurpose Stadium.

There is significant space in which to set up shade and seating areas.  The grassy medians in the parking lot offer a very nice home base.

The warm up area is really far from the trucks. Side 1 props that aren't needed during warm-up can be staged outside of the Side 1 fencing. Side 2 props can be staged at the SE side of the field, as marked below.

Midlothian Multipurpose Stadium

1800 S 14th Street
Midlothian, TX  76065


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Equipment Notes

Warm-up area is as far as possible from trucks and band.  If it is important to have water for the band when they are warming up, consider bringing a cooler with paper cups in the golf cart.

During warm up, Side 1 props not needed during warm up may be staged outside the Side 1 fence.

Side 2 props and equipment not needed during warm up may stage on the SE side of the field and may enter at side 2 entrance.
Adults will be in charge of moving props from the staging area to the field, which is a role students typicall fill during football game performances.  Adults will need good instruction as to expectations and what to do prior to the event.

Parking lot median with trees makes for a very nice seating area, with space for pop up shade and chairs.


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