UIL All Region Marching

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Lake Highlands High School is in UIL Region 20 for music competition. 

See Region20 Music for details on Region 20.

Region 20 marching contests are held at Duncanville Panther Stadium.

Duncanville Panther Stadium

901 Middale Rd.
Duncanville, TX 75116


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For contests, pit and equipment trucks park on the south side of the stadium.

Band and instrument trucks unload on the NW side of the stadium.  Note that while there are barricades on Middale Rd, those are moveable for instrument trucks.

Equipment Notes


  • Because of the distance between band (and directors) and props/equipment, make sure there’s a communication plan in place ahead of time.
  • Back field enters from the south side of the stadium.
  • Band and front field enters from the north side of the stadium (side 2).
  • There is a significant drop from the track to the turf.
    It can be navigated by props and equipment with wheels, but it requires some attention on the part of the handler.

  • All exit the field on the south.
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