UIL Area Marching

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Lake Highlands High School is a part of UIL 6A Area B.

Area B marching compettions are held at Bedford's Pennington Field.

Bring shade, chairs, and lots of water.  Each band gets a significant amount of space for props and truck parking; there's plenty of space to set up a comfortable place to wait between performances.

HEB Pennington Field

1501 Central Dr.
Bedford, TX  76022



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Buses and cargo trucks will enter from the Dallas North Tollway to W Frontier Parkway. Turn into the stadium on the north side of Children's Health Via Stadium Drive. 
Buses should continue around the east side of the stadium where an attendant will direct them where to park. Cargo trucks will park on the south side of the stadium with overflow in the east parking lot (bus lot).

Buses will enter Stadium Drive and route around the south side of the stadium to the north east parking lot. Parking attendants and Prosper Police will be on duty to assist, and guides will meet and direct you to the check-in area.


Officially, equipment trucks/trailers will also enter the stadium from Stadium Drive and follow around to the south side of the stadium, where they will be directed to the south end ot the stadium, nearest the entrance to the field.


The above did not happen in previous years.

Warm up areas

Warm-Up areas will be as on the enclosed map. The band guides will direct each band to the designated area. Each band will have thirty (30) minutes for a Warm-up.

Bands should not play before entering the warm-up area.  Battery may warm-upon heads with the band only at the designated warm-up time.

PLEASE NOTE: Bands moving to and from the warm-up area should not use whistles or drum cadences.  All bands must face away from the stadium during warm-up.  Amplified metronomes need to face away from the stadium. be kept at a low level, and used only during the musical warm-up time.

In order to reduce the length of wait before moving on to the field, moving time from the warm-up area to the Stadium has been kept to an absolute minimum.  All bands must be ready to move at the time designated on the enclosed schedule. The band guide will notify each director five (5) minutes prior to moving from the warm-up area.

Field Entrance and Exit

Bands (along with all percussion and props) entering the field for competition will use the south  endzone entrances ramps.  Front ensembles will use the southwest gate/ramp and props will use the southeast gate/ramp. Directors may elect to have the winds and guard choose either the southeast or southwest ramps based on traffic and logistics.  Upon conclusion of the performance, each band will exit by using the northeast gate, staving as close to the field as possible or on the turf and exit through the end zone.  Directions are indicated on the map.


Virtually all entry was done from the southwest gate entrance, with only the big props using the southeast gate.
Exit was more efficient when split between the NE and NW exits.

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