Cart - Small Equipment

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Cart loaded with stands

Cart loaded with stands. Handle is on the left side of the above picture.

Woodwind stands are held upright in the cart using Velcro straps. The alto saxophone should be strapped on to its stand, as well.


Note the overlapping Velcro straps holding the oboe stand as highlighted above. The same is repeated on the other side.

Loosen all straps after getting the cart in position on the sideline so students can grab their stands quickly.

Microphone stands (5) are transported in PVC holders strapped on to the cart. These should be placed generally along the sideline between Side 1 35-40. 
Students will handle getting their mics plugged in and positioned correctly.

After the game, students will take their instruments. Mic stands will go back on the cart for field exit.


Bassoon and Saxophone stand details. Note the bungie cord wraps to each stand from the opposite side of its attachment block.

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