Podium - Large Scissor-lift

Last modified by Lane Duncan on 2022/10/20 15:34

The large podium requires two people to move. 


Usage instructions

To Raise Platform

  1. Before lifting, lock the two non-swivel wheels.
  2. Turn the two locking plunger levers 180 degrees or until the lever is in the plunger slot. The platform will automatically lock when the platform is raised.
  3. Platform can now be raised. Assure that platform is locked by pulling down on it.
  4. Position the ladder hooks on the round cross bar. Platform can now be used.

Plunger levers (2)

To lower platform

  1. Pull up on the two locking plungers and rotate the lever 180 degrees or until the lever is 180 degrees opposite slot in plunger. Stay clear of platform while disengaging locks.
  2. Hold up on platform while disengaging plungers. To assure it will not fall, slowly pull down on platform until it is fully retracted.
  3. Unlock wheels. Platform can now be pulled.
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