Swarm Show Equipment management

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See below for a scale snapshot of the entire field, including the props and pit layout.
Note that pit layout is depicted here as further off the field than in reality.

Honeycomb is centered on Side 1 : 35 at home hash mark, angled to match the pit.
Cubes are between side 2 : 18 and 31, centered on 25.
Large panels begin on Side 1 : 5, 4 steps off of home hash.


Equipment Instructions

Small podiums (2)

Drum major podiums for the home side on the Side 1 : 41 and Side 2 : 40.  When standing them up, make sure cotter pins are firmly in place.

Set up ladder so it faces the home crowd and platform rail faces the field.

Large Podium

Centered on visitors’ sideline 50 yard line.

Before lifting, lock the two non-swivel wheels.

Turn the two locking plunger levers 180 degrees or until the lever is in the plunger slot. The platform will automatically lock when the platform is raised.

The ladder hooks on the round cross bar.

Marimbas / Vibraphones / Glockenspiel

Marimbas 1 & 2 meet on edge at the sideline on the Side 1 40. 

Glockenspiel is centered on the 40 behind Marimbas 1 & 2.


Generator w/electrical cord in bucket sits at Side 1 : 30 yard line.   Plug extension cord into generator and pass cord to mixer. Turn on gas knob, pull black choke knob, and turn key to start. When it has started, push the choke knob back in.

When performance is finished, turn key to stop and turn gas knob to off.  Pile cord in bucket. No need to coil cord neatly.

Speakers (2)

Each speaker has its outside wheels on the 35.
Cables are wound in a bucket that travels with the speaker. Make sure the bucket doesn’t fall off the speaker when going up or down inclines.

Students will handle getting the cord plugged in correctly prior to the performance.

Immediately following a performance, simply pile the cord back on top of the speaker/bucket for field exit.

Gloves can help: zip ties on cords are sharp.

Students wrap up the cords after field exit.

The person pushing the side 2 speaker should stay close to the mixer during the show. Afterwards, unplug (or let Mr. Smit unplug) the cables from the brain and loosely roll the cables up as they make their way back to the speaker cart. This likely will be the last one off the field due to the length of those cables.


Electronics mixer

Throw snakes on top of the mixer cart so the mixer can leave the field quickly.

Woodwind / Mic cart

Woodwind stands are held upright in the cart using Velcro straps. The alto saxophone should be strapped on to its stand, as well.

Loosen all straps after getting the cart in position on the sideline so students can grab their stands quickly.

Microphone stands (5) are transported in PVC holders strapped on to the cart. These should be placed generally along the sideline between Side 1 35-40.  Students will handle getting their mics plugged in and positioned correctly.

After the game, students will take their instruments. Mic stands will go back on the cart for field exit.

Side 2 microphone is handled by Mr. Singleton.

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